Goodbye School, Hello Education

We don’t do school. We do education management. Traverse provides everything you need to feel comfortable about educating your child at home

Our research suggests that what parents want most from a school is for their child to be safe, engaged, and prepared. We ask the question, “prepared for what”? In the book “Most Likely to Succeed“, it suggests that if you were able to travel through time and bring a person from a hundred years ago to today, everything would be different. It would be confusing. The person from the future wouldn’t be able to recognize most things like phones, cars, computers, and planes. The one thing that they would recognize is a school because not much has changed.

Our world is changing. It has become necessary to change our teaching method and school environment in order to prepare our children for today and in the future.

Many parents say they would prefer home school but do not feel qualified to teach (nor feel they should). TRAVERSE manages the entire process for you. Our learning journey designers take care of everything, from the personalized curriculum, instruction, and proper digital devices to socialization, engagement, and service-learning. A holistic approach that our parents agree, keeps kids safe, engaged and prepared for the world of today.

Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of mental wellness and character development. This is why the Traverse program includes education in the eight dimensions of wellness and is delivered through a Seventh-day Adventist biblical worldview.

Experience education as a whole

A structured, yet flexible approach to home-based education that doesn’t just teach content but helps students discover their passion, develop their skills, and articulate their “self”.

(What you know)

Academic content (Science, Math, Literature, History, Critical Thinking, Technology, Art, and Language.

(What you can do)

Life Skill competencies (Self-awareness, Self-management, Social-awareness, Relationships, Responsible decision-making, learning to learn, communicating effectively, collaboration, creative problem-solving, managing failure, effecting change in society, making sound decisions, managing projects and achieving goals, building perseverance determination, and leveraging passions and talents.

(Who you are)

Character development (Spiritually, Intellectually, Physically, Environmentally, Financially, Occupationally, Socially, and Emotionally.

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