Community Mediation Certification

“Mediation is conflict’s way of looking at itself.” — Jeff Cohen

The Community Mediation Certification Course is a uniquely structured program for individuals seeking to enhance their mediation skills to benefit their communities, workplaces, and homes. This self-study course, supplemented by weekly Zoom support sessions, takes you from confrontational to collaborative, guiding you toward creating win-win situations through improved communication and listening skills.

Our Community Mediation Certification Course equips participants with the tools and techniques to transform conflict resolution from win-lose scenarios to mutually beneficial outcomes. Through a blend of online modules and interactive Zoom sessions, this course offers a comprehensive learning experience that emphasizes interest-based negotiation and the shift from divisiveness to synergy.

  • Mediation’s Role: Understand the essential place and function of mediation in resolving conflicts.
  • Constructive Negotiation Techniques: Master strategies for positive and productive negotiation.
  • Extending Negotiations: Learn how to broaden negotiations to find resolutions that satisfy all parties involved.
  • Conflict Sources and Management Styles: Identify the roots of conflict and explore various styles of conflict management.
  • Conflict Resolution Practical Experience: Gain hands-on experience with conflict resolution techniques.
  • Mediation Stages: Get to know the different stages of mediation and appreciate the process in its entirety.
  • Enhanced Listening and Communication: Develop skills for listening to understand rather than listening to respond, fostering better communication.

Program Structure

  • Weekly Commitment: Participants are expected to dedicate approximately 3 hours each week to online modules and check-in sessions.
  • Course Duration: The course spans six weeks of online learning, followed by three weeks dedicated to creating a Portfolio Book, which serves as both a display of what has been learned and a practical handbook for users.
  • Demonstration Weekend: A weekend session (date to be determined) will be held for participants to demonstrate the concepts they have learned. This demonstration is a crucial part of achieving certification and completion of the course.

Upon successfully completing the course and demonstration, participants will receive a certification in Community Mediation. This certification is a testament to their acquired skills in negotiation, conflict resolution, and effective communication, preparing them for constructive mediation in various settings.


  • Time Commitment: 3 hours weekly for online modules and check-in sessions.
  • Duration: Six weeks of online modules, three weeks for portfolio development, plus a demonstration weekend.
  • Certification Requirement: A demonstration of learned concepts is required for certification.

Join us on this transformative journey to become a certified community mediator. Equip yourself with the skills to foster understanding, consensus, and positive outcomes in every interaction within your community, workplace, and home.