We have two base locations one in Oakland California, the other in Chicago, Illinois.

We provide resources to students from any home in the country but our full program is only currently offered in Pacific and Central times. (Virtual community and online collaboration)

If you just want support to do your own program with we offer that option as well.



Can read at or above a 5th-grade level (minimum)
Are ambitious, curious, kind, and excited by self-paced, self-directed, and interest-driven learning
Want to make an impact on their community or the world
Are open to taking a bible class and discussions of God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and faith.


Commit to providing at-home supervision, and a quiet workspace for video calls and independent learning
Ensure that their learner regularly attends virtual meetings and in-person gatherings (virtual until COVID risk reduces)
Register their learners as homeschoolers, in line with their state’s regulations (don’t worry—we’ll help with this!)
Are excited by a progressive approach to education that prioritizes project-based learning, feedback over grades, and a self–paced, self–directed curriculum

Start date

TRAVERSE launches on September 8, 2020. While we don’t have a hard deadline and will accept membership applications on a rolling basis, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. We’ve experienced significant initial interest and can unfortunately only offer so many seats with our first pilot.


Due to the timing of our pilot starting, we recommend you email the Director, Cliff Wright, to expedite the enrollment process.

1. Watch virtual info session
Watch our virtual info session during which we talk about the TRAVERSE vision, curriculum, schedule, Learning mentors, and more.

2. Submit partnership form
Complete the TRAVERSE partnership application as a family. Adults and learners are both involved in this process.

3. Live video interview
Families who are a good fit will be invited to a virtual interview with a member of the TRAVERSE team. This will be a chance for our staff to learn more about your learner’s interests, needs, and personality.

4. Decision
You’ll receive an email from the CARES Learning Partnership with a final decision within about a week of your interview. If your child is selected for our education management program, you will have one week to confirm your spot by paying a non-refundable deposit.

5. Onboarding
Once you have paid your deposit we will follow up with a welcome that will include more information about the TRAVERSE experience, professional courses for adults, orientation week, assistance with registering your child as a homeschooler in your state, and other helpful information.